How to Plan A New Orleans Style Dinner Party From Authentic Food to Party Favours

Bring the Big Easy home for a fabulous, fun and colourful event with your family and friends

Kathy Lum
6 min readOct 28, 2022


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Oh, the music, the food, the colourful architecture and did I mention the food… I’ll be honest, I’ve never been to New Orleans, but it’s definitely on my hit list. Mind you, even though I love colour, and I do, I have no desire to go during Mardi Gras, too crowded; too much partying for this introverted extrovert. Mind you, I wouldn’t mind a colourful New Orleans fridge magnet to add to my collection…

What better way to bring a little lively fun home in this grey and drizzly weather we get on the Pacific West Coast? And what better way to bring the family together and provide my grown and very busy children, and their partners some great homestyle memories with homestyle New Orleans food!

I’ve been struggling lately with the transition from busy mom life, working full-time and being fully available to my children every day to a more independent life. A life with more time on my hands than I ever remember having.

I recently wrote an article on my challenge with empty nest syndrome, and I promised to share family ideas. This will be the first of many posts!

Meaning of Mardi Gras

Translated in English to Fat Tuesday, Mardi Gras traditionally falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. It started as a Christian holiday in which people would enjoy rich and delicious foods in preparation for Lent, and different types of fasting.

New Orleans Mardi Gras took place in the United States for the first time in 1699.

Different celebrations can be found around the world celebrating before Lent such as Carnival in Brazil and The Quebec Winter Carnival in my favourite place ever…Quebec City.

I remember growing up and having ‘Pancake Tuesday each year at school on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday. This is a tradition I’ll need to pick up again… besides, who doesn’t want pancakes with maple syrup?



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